Time to set writing goals for 2015. This is something that my critique group does every year and I love reflecting back on the year to see what has or hasn't worked out.


Here were my goals for 2014:

Complete 2 full MS- CHECK- sorta. I completed one full MS and got one to 60K.

Complete 2 Novellas- HALF CHECK- I am partially done with one novella

Submit 3 of them and possibly all 4.- FAILED! ūüôĀ

Attend a retreat and a workshop- CHECK

Create weekly time to focus on my writing that is uninterrupted-CHECK

I also wrote 3 short stories. Two I submitted to a magazine and was rejected, the other I self published.

What also happened to me in 2014 that isn't reflected in these goals is that the MS I had queried in December of 2013 sold and was published August 18, 2014. Doing edits for THE GIRL HE KNOWS ate into some of the writing time I had but I'm not complaining.

I mean- HELLO- I was PUBLISHED in 2014!!! (BTW: it's on sale for the month of January)

The Girl He Knows

So what will 2015  as a writer look like for me, I wonder? Here's my plan-

1. Currently, I have one book out waiting for a yay or a nay.I'm publishing that this year for sure.

2. Finished 1 MS and then edit (see #1) two complete MS

3. Read 45 books
4. Complete One new novel
5. Complete One Novella
6. Attend three retreats
7. Attend RWA in NYC (I already have my roommate)
8. Become a more savvy marketer.
9. Find an agent. My other MS is straight up women's fiction. No romance at all. Think First Wives Club or The Other Woman and I think the best route for that book and the one after it would be to have the guidance of an agent help me traverse those new waters.
10. Pay attention to my family.
Time is going to be an issue for me during the first half of this year but I see it as an exercise in organization and time management. Wish me luck.
Oh  BTW: My short story is for sale. Watch it closely, some days it pops up free:-) Or go check it out through Kindle Unlimited.
So drop me a line. I'd LOVE to know what your 2015 goals are. Even if they aren't writing related. I'll be cheering you along as the year progresses.
Have a good one and KEEP MOVING FORWARD;-)