5 things you didn't know about THE GIRL HE NEEDS- which comes out TOMORROW!


  1.  It was originally written from both Brinn and Josie's point of view.
  2. Though this is the 2nd book in the series, the story takes place BEFORE Hank and Paisley have their one nighter.
  3. You can pick up the coloring book for this story FOR FREE- CLICK HERE.
  4. The girl on the cover fits my mental picture of Josie perfectly.
  5. You can check out this book's PINTEREST BOARD.


Meet Josie: Ever since her older brother unexpectedly dropped out of her life, Josie Woodmere has been wandering. Hoping to find him and herself.Josie Woodmere- THGN

Meet Brinn McRae: Orphaned as a young kid, he's raised his little brother and worked hard for everything. He's not about to let physical attraction distract him from achieving his ultimate goal.

Handsome young man on a lake in a sunny, peaceful day, sitting on a wood pier, thinking or meditating

As you can see- I'm still searching for he ‘just right' photo of Brinn. But this suits him to a T for now.