Saying THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who's had a hand in getting me to this place is a necessity.

I recently did just that for my book but I was limited to one page and, yeah, it's pretty hard to squeeze everyone into one page.  Even Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) said while accepting his induction into the Music Hall of Fame for Nirvana, “The list is long and I'm going to forget someone.” and inevitably people were left off my list (and I'm sure- his too).

Some contributors became a part of the journey when adding them to the acknowledgment page was too late. Some offered help that ended up spawning ideas for a different book and their insight and assistance is earmarked for that. But I want to take this space to Thank them.



Nadine Allen– for your crazy good line edits at the last-minute. You saw things I'd overlooked a shocking number of times and you laughed at all the right parts.

Alison and Mitch F- Who answered a lot of questions during a very busy period in their lives just so my info could be accurate and I could make a deadline. I am so grateful. We miss you all.

Dawn Cyphert Brower and Sue Bittenbinder Ernst for their better than perfect math jokes. So good I saved my favorites to use in a different book making my math nerd the hero.

Magnolia Photography- Thanks for the head shots, the creative setting, and the short turn around. You are amazing.

My Lakeland friends Like Lori Calloway and Amy Malloy who were quick to answer questions about Lakeland as it is now. But that list is endless because everyone has been so supportive and excited. Though try as I might I just couldn't put a serial killer in this romantic comedy/chick lit book (Sorry, Shawn Doepke)

 The universe brought me Jen Halligan to help with my PR. What's so amazing is that our paths probably crossed more than once long before this and knowing that is the continued reminder how small the world is. You're awesome!

Ultimately this acknowledgment and the one in my book indicates to me just how lucky I am to have great friends, a supportive publishing House (LYRICAL PRESS!), and a community of fellow writers that continue to give and give.