The one thing about this journey that I don't want to lose sight of is this…I am experiencing a whole lot of first and I will never have this again.  What I mean is ,yes, getting a second contract would be thrilling and joy inducing. But getting that first contract is incomparable. Getting my first round of content edits and really seeing first hand how to edit a book was so eye-opening and informative I wanted to shout about it from the roof tops. My first cover reveal? Holy Smokes…there are no words for how giddy I felt when I saw my cover with my name on it then to see it released to the world. Incredible.  FIRST I will never experience again.



But the highlight of this whole experience. The part that I look forward to the most.  That's the Thank You. This will be my first time to put into words, and attach it to my book, my deepest and most heartfelt Thank You ‘s. I've been keeping a list. I know who I want to thank. But will I be able to express in words just how grateful I am? I dunno. I should be able to, right? I am a writer after all. But when I think about who I want to thank, I get choked up. Maybe I should take a picture of me crying with my hands over my heart? Maybe less is more. Maybe no one reads that section. Who knows. But it means a lot to me to get this right. Because, after all, these people are the reason I'm having this experience. These people all played a role in making my dream come true. How will a Thank You ever be enough?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

So once I no longer have content edits I can then formally tackle my acknowledgments. Until then I'll just keep moving forward:-)

Hope you all are well. Thanks for reading.


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