Atta Girl! (and atta boys too!)

A few post back I talked about rejection and how it comes at all stages in a writer's adventure. This is something all writers talk about. Google it and you'll see pages of articles and blogs dedicated to rejection. But with every low there is a high and for every rejection there is a compliment. Sometimes the compliments are easy to miss, harder to hear.

It's no secret that I have the best critique partners in the world and their compliments humble me.

  • Hot Damn
  • Sooooo good
  • Love this

These are the words they say that make my day and keep me moving forward. Make no mistake, when they say, “this didn't work” that keeps me moving forward too. Both are forms of motivation for me.

This week was full of compliments for me:

  • I like your fresh voice
  • Couldn't put it down and went to work bleary-eyed
  • Laughed out loud…lots

I told one person their compliments gave me a flattery buzz and it's true. It's such a sense of achievement when people say they like your work. So for all the set backs a rejection may have caused, for all the moments I spent licking my wounds, this week I am embracing the compliments and enjoying them. Like a cat sleeping in a sunbeam. I'm writing them on a card and putting them in my writing space. I'm going to refer to them on the days I feel like a complete failure or worse..a hack.  For me, it's far easier to hear the negative  but I'm going to embrace the positive and you should too.

So here is your ATTA GIRL! or for my guy friends ATTA BOY!

You're doing great! Keep at it. Keep you're chin up and you're fingers on the keyboard, the thread in your needle, or what ever it is you're doing to fulfill your dream.  You are amazing! I know this to be true.

oh, and Keep Moving Forward!

Thanks for reading. That's a compliment I enjoy too!

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