August Update

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Meryton Matchmakers Book 1 is on sale!

From 8/21- 9/5 Book 1 Lottie Pursues Bill will be .99¢
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The Cowboy Takes A Bride comes out of KU!

The Cowboy Takes A Bride comes out of Kindle Unlimited on August 14th!
Get your reading while you can if you are a KU subscriber. The book will be available on all platforms on the 15th for $3.99.
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Did you know….

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Make sure you check it every month. Its a great way for me to introduce other authors. If you ‘re an avid reader then this is one more way to get your hands on some books.

This week marks 200 years of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!

You can read about it here!
So in the spirit of all things Jane how about some fun polls?
Which Heroine are you?
Which Austen Hero is your soul mate?
Which P & P character are you?


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