Meryton Matchmakers Book 1: Lottie Pursues Bill

Ready to find the perfect match? Meryton Matchmakers has the key to your heart.

Meryton Matchmakers, operated by Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, has thirty days to find more clients or else they'll have to buy out their financial backer -or worse- go automated.

The irresistible and illustrious William Darcy has been tasked with updating them into the age of online dating profiles. Determined to prove humans trump computers in matters of the heart, the Bennet sisters begin a counterattack.

Their first mission: Setting up bakery owner, Lottie Lucas, with her childhood friend, Spiritual Advisor Bill Collins. Darcy's software claims the two don't belong together, but everyone else knows the truth. With time running out, the Bennet girls must work their magic or lose it all. Now, it's up to Elizabeth to do what she does best, and match the most unexpected couples, proving Darcy wrong once and for all. But how can Elizabeth save her business when the one man doubting her is the one man holding the key to her success?

Come join the good folk of Meryton and fall in love <3

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