The Girl He Knows (Book 1)

No Strings Attached Series  


She wants one night, he wants forever.

Waking up naked next to a good looking man is not a bad way to start the day. Especially since Paisley missed all those opportunities in college, when she was too busy supporting her no good, thankfully now, ex-husband. The problem? This hottie is Hank, her best friend’s older brother, a guy she’s known her entire life.

Stopping after one night is the right thing to do. Being with him clearly breaks the best friend code, and from his career as a Naval officer to his Boy Scout reputation, everything about him screams monogamy and commitment. Two things Paisley has had enough of.

When Hank presents a “no strings attached” offer, it’s too good to be true. She can enjoy him while still embracing being single. But, poor choices force her to confront old fears of love and loss, and Paisley has to decide if Hank is worth the risk. The alternative is never experiencing the real deal. Or far worse, settling for less.

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19 thoughts on “The Girl He Knows Book 1

  1. Welcome to My World Kristrose! I do not let many In.
    Age, as u know is perspective! In my head, I am young, energetic and looking for Hot. But reality check finds me as almost 70, easily tired and mentally looking for a hot adventure …grin.
    Thank Yo for using your writing talents to bring a romantic “affair” into my life. Married 50 yrs and still loving the romances.
    Now look after yourself. Sleep raises the old immune system. Enjoy your birthday and Big Hugs from this Eccentric Romantic, Lynda in Ontario Canada

    1. Lynda, you are now my favorite person. I want to hang in your world ALL DAY! I can feel your energy all the way here and I want to bottle it up and safe it for a later date.
      I, too, love romance books. When I was 13 I had to get my mom’s permission to read the harlequin and Silhouettes at the library as I had gone through the YA section. Once I started them- I never looked back. I don’t think romances will ever get old 🙂
      Also, I’ve been in your neck of the woods before. Love me some Poutine, Tim Horton’s donuts and Swiss Chalet gravy (notice its all about food for me). Have a fabulous day. Hugs back.

  2. HI Kristi,
    First, thank you for the book.
    Second, I too started with Harlequine and Avon books.
    I’ve gotten away from contemporary because they had all become predictable, but your synopsis reads like I’m in for a surprise. Cherie

    1. I hope to have Jane and Bingley’s story out this year. Hard to say as I’m working on a different book at this time and Jane is next :-). I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Long story short….

    Your mom brought one of your books over to my house the other day when she heard I love romance books and I read it in 1 night. LOVED IT!!! I can’t get my hands on more of your books fast enough. I plan to go over to your mom’s house asap to tell her all about it! I will be impatiently waiting for more books in the mail as I order them. You are a talented writer!!!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed them. You should just borrow them from my mom 🙂 She’d happily lend them out. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  4. About to finish it for the second time. I got the next two and since I’m in bed(sprained my knee on Tuesday). I’ve got all the time to finish them in about 3 days.
    I’m loving it(again). Thank you Kristi.

    1. I hope by now your knee is better and you are out and about. What a wonderful compliment that you’ve read the book twice. WOW.Thanks. I hope you like the others just as much.
      XO, Kristi

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