Meryton Matchmakers: Book 2 Mary Captures Colonel Fitzwilliam

Ready to find the perfect match? Meryton Matchmakers has the key to your heart.

Five things Elizabeth Bennet believes William Darcy has single handedly come close to destroying: 
1.  Her matchmaker business- Meryton Matchmakers
2.  Her sister Jane’s hope at finding love and happiness with Chaz Bingley
3.  Her belief that everyone has a heart. So far this doesn’t appear to be the case with stiff, no humor Darcy
4.  Her belief that everyone has a perfect love match. She’d have to search the world a thousand times over and still would not find one for Darcy
5.  Her faith in mankind. Why would a man (Darcy) propose to a woman(her) while saying he thinks its a bad idea? And what about how he treated Geo Wickham? 

Who will Elizabeth's match next?

Following a head injury, Colonel Henry Fitzwilliam is being forced from the military. Angry, Henry finds laughter and comfort with Mary Bennet. Hiding behind a know-it-all persona, Mary's surprised Henry sees through it, no one ever has. Though, no matter how finely sculpted and sweet talking Henry is, she's not about to let him play her. Elizabeth knows Mary and Henry are a perfect match. With some gentle guiding, she finagles opportunities to force them together, it’s up to them to accept or push away what’s before them. 

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