Everything I read says when a manuscript is finished, it should be put away for a period before revision are started. I have come to realize the truth and wisdom in those words. My finished MS weighs on me like a heavy man who's been injured and it's up to me to drag him to safety and help. I want to do it. It needs to be done. But staying on task is hard. Not moving on to something more interesting and fresh is eating at me.

It's as if I'm straddling the line. One side takes me off to new worlds and the other to a familiar, old friend's house. I want to go to both places yet I can't focus on either.

So I'm digging deep for patience.  For the calming breath to help me focus and move forward. To work on both projects -well.

And I'm still going to stick to my goals. I'm not ready to quit on those (only a week after establishing them).

This lesson in patience will come in handy if I master it.

Recently, a friend of mine was waiting for an important document. A document that will take her one step closer to achieving her dreams. The expected delivery  time line  came and went. Something that would have made the most confident of people consumed with doubt. She had to dig deep for patience and allow for a little more time to pass. It's all worked out now but I can't imagine how difficult it was to dig deep because my struggle for patience has been just that…a struggle.

So my additional goal is to overcome this crazy impatience and stick to my writing goals.  I'll sign off now. I have a MS to edit and a chapter to get out to my critique group. Kids need to get ready for bed and laundry needs to be folded.

I think I'll do the writing stuff first. It's much more fun.

Here's something fun too: