Flirting with Fire by Kyra Jacobs

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Today's guest is Kyra Jacobs and she's here to share with us her new book Flirting with Fire which releases TODAY!


HI Kyra, Welcome. Tell us about yourself 

I'm an extroverted introvert from Indiana who writes of love and mystery in the Midwest. When not pounding out scenes for my next book, I'm likely outside, elbow-deep in snapdragons or spending quality time with my sports-loving husband and two children. I also love golf, Guitar Hero, and thinking through plot twists while out on a good run.

 Tell us about Flirting with Fire

Look, touch, but don’t fall in love.

Massage therapist Liz Williams lives by one rule: never date a client. A rule she’s never had trouble following until she lays hands on fireman playboy Torrunn MacKay. Trouble is, Liz’s sexy new client is dating her arch-rival at work…and has a strange habit of appearing just before the fire alarm sounds.

Firefighter Torrunn MacKay has got it made: killer job, downtown condo with a view, and hot blonde girlfriend with no more desire to tie the knot than he has. But the surprise attraction he feels toward his new masseuse is threatening to change all that. And what’s with the string of fires that seem to follow her everywhere?

Can Liz mind her table manners and keep Torrunn at arms’ length? Will Torrunn put his commitment fears aside to keep Liz safe? More than hearts will be in jeopardy when the two start Flirting with Fire.

CONTENT WARNING: Beware of darkened rooms, delicious fire fighters, and desperate pyromaniacs.


Wow, Kyra- that sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it. Tells us a little more about you as a writer. Are you a plotter or pantser? 

I’m a hybrid. I like to try and plot, at least generically. But my characters don’t tend to stick to the script, and love to lead me down new paths. And honestly? Sometimes they come up with better conflicts than I did.

What is your next project?

I’m working on the third book in my romantic suspense Hometown Heroes series—Marissa’s story, for those of you familiar with ARMED WITH STEELE.  Oh, and a certain Charlie might be in the story somewhere, too…


Give us a scenario where you and your heroine might be similar or you were able to draw on from personal experience. 

In FLIRTING WITH FIRE, Liz gets called out by a co-worker on her tendencies to goes along with whatever her best friend wants. Instead of rock the boat, Liz would rather keep the peace and choose her battles wisely. As I was writing that section, I stopped and called to my DH. “Read this and tell me who it reminds you of,” I said. He read it, threw me a look, and said, “You.” LOL While I don’t play the role of doormat with my BFF, I have been known to play peacekeeper in tricky situations when maybe I’d really rather be out doing something else.


Give us some insight to Kyra the person behind the books. For example: what’s your favorite saying?

“It’s all good.”

I say that when I’m playing cheerleader for my friends and/or coworkers who might be struggling with something, or as a reminder to myself that hey, you know what? As long as we’re breathing, we’re alive. And if we’re alive, let’s live life to its fullest.

What’s your favorite food to munch on when you’re reading?

Ice cream, which is much easier to eat while reading an e-book than a paper one. 😉


It was such a pleasure to get to know you better,Kyra. I wish you great success on your launch and future endeavors. I look forward to reading Flirting with Fire because I can't resist sexy firemen.

Where else can we can hook up with you?

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FLIRTING WITH FIRE is available online at Amazon









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  1. Fun interview, ladies and I like your favorite saying, Kyra. A great philosophy to have. 🙂

    Congrats on your new release. I’ve already grabbed my copy of FLIRTING WITH FIRE from Amazon and look forward to reading it!

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