The Girl He Knows- Blog Tour

In just over a month I begin my book ‘tour'. I put the word tour in quotes not to diminish what it is because it's a tour- it's just done on blogs instead of city to city.

The Girl He Knows by Kristi Rose


You can sign up to be a part of my tour HERE

Not that I wouldn't mind one of those city to city tours if it meant I would be sans kids.

Starting August 11th I'll be visiting different blogs and if you want to know where then sign up on my blog page (the page you're on) and I'll let you know.

Needless to say I am VERY excited. I love meeting new people. If you want to know more about my blog tour OR are interested in reading my book early and leaving an HONEST reviews on places like Goodreads, Amazon,  and Barnes and Noble- you should check out Jen Halligan, PR.  Jen and her staff are fantastic and I'm crazy lucky we were able to connect.


For all authors- word of mouth is the best way to help promote us.   If you read my book and you like it, please pass the word along. Post a review on one of the above mentioned sites. I would be forever grateful.  If you really like another author's book- do the same for them.

Ok, enough of my shameless pitching:-)


You all have a good one.


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