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Hey y'all~

Greeting from the hot and humid south. Remember when I lived in a climate that didn't really know humidity? Well, I do and I miss it desperately. How summer treating you all?

So I have some big news. In fact, this summer will be full of BIG NEWS. But I only have a small bit for today.

Around January I tried my hand at short stories. I created a collection that takes place in Lakeland, Florida (a place close to my heart) and this August the collection will be complete. It tells the story of 5 ladies who get a second chance at love.

My BIG NEWS for these stories is that they will be sold on all formats. They used to be only available through AMAZON and you can still get them there. Now, however, you can pick them up from your favorite eBook retailer.

This roll out is a slow process so currently only SECOND CHANCES and ONCE AGAIN are available on all formats, including TOLINO. But soon they entire series will be.

  NOOK  /    KOBO  /  iTunes  /  AMAZON  /  OYSTER  /  SCRIBD



NOOK  /  KOBO  /  iTunes  /  AMAZON  /  OYSTER  /  SCRIBD


If you are interested in reading my short story but would prefer to do so all at once- then hang tight.  The entire collection will be available -as a bundle- in August. Ebook or paperback. Exciting right?!

Hope you all stay cool this summer. Thanks for stopping by. Until we chat again, Keep Moving forward~



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