Have contract, now what?

Recently a  friend of mine completed her first round of edits with her agent. When it was all said and done I think she logged some crazy number in hours to compete. By crazy I mean more than 10, 20, or 30. Needless to say it was labor intensive and her manuscript wasn't a hot mess to begin with.

I received my welcome letter from Lyrical a few weeks ago  (so exciting- I may have hugged my letter) and met my editor (If she'd have been nearby I would have hugged her too). My letter included guidelines on getting  my manuscript ready. Enter the beginning of the editing stage.

HOLY SMOKES…if you thought your manuscript was in good shape when you sent it out…there's a chance it could be better. In my case….A WHOLE LOT BETTER. At least I hope it's better by the time I am done with the edits.

Apparently, I like the words JUST -THAT- and REALLY  and the phrases: All things considered, I can hardly, and all thought.

It's a wonderful feeling, watching your manuscript improve, but it requires a totally different part of the brain than the part used for ‘writing' the story. Yet, so much more ‘writing'  happens because of the edits. Editing is more than using the find and replace function or restructuring a sentence to remove the LY words. It about what is being said and the tone used.  I know you are thinking “DUH”, that's what writing's all about. Yes, it is. But what I initially wrote got my point across, the words I used aren't the strongest or most descriptive.  Finding those words that are….well let's just say sometimes it's not about new words but an entire paragraph rewrites. But, WOW. What's on the other side is so much better.

I hope.

Of course, I could be delusion because of page blindness and have lost the capacity for coherent thought.

I guess I'll know by the response I get when I send my edits off.  Wish me luck.

I'd love to hear about your editing process and tricks. Jami Gold's blog talks about using macros. I'd love to know what other's do or have found.

Thanks for stopping by and Keep Moving Forward:-)

5 thoughts on “Have contract, now what?

  1. Listened to Kelley Armstrong in a workshop last weekend and she said that the more edits she has to do the higher her risk of introducing NEW problems into the mix. Just thought I would share that sunny happy news…lol xoxo

  2. KIm,
    I can see how that would happen.Thankfully, this is looking for repeated words and phrases. Taking out filler words. Taking a close look at adverbs, pronoun use, and tags. As I do this I find sentences that really are redundant or need to be strengthened. I also find a better way to get my point across. I think when a plot element is removed or changed thats when the big problems come. 🙂

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