Since this blog is about my journey to publication and because I love ‘how it happened' stories of all sorts. I thought I would share mine.

One friday I flew to California for a continuing education class held by the amazing Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, FCOVD. I was wearing my OT hat and was all hopped up on learning about vision disorders and how they affect learning in school aged children (if you're interested in knowing more, contact me. I share info readily).

BUT in my bag was my computer and my writing binder. On my computer was a handy husband-made spreadsheet with the list of places I was submitting my completed manuscript to. I had a few left and I wanted to get at least one more off my list (submitting is not a cut and dry endeavor. Many houses/agents require a variety of items to be submitted in addition to the query letter).

After I checked into my room, I got down to business and set my computer up with the hotel's wifi. I kicked off my shoes, pulled out my binder, and sat back on the bed.  The name on the top of my list was Lyrical Press.  I went to their website, pulled up their submission guideline and double checked the information I had previously gathered. Then I set about the business of submitting.

Once I was done. I felt good. Real good! The kind of high that comes with taking a risk and having nothing but hope to cling to. The kind of good that daydreams are born from and bars are set, high. At that moment, great things could happen. All options were open, no rejections had come it. It's a tremendous feeling.

Because I felt so good afterwards I decided to enjoy it. I stuck in my ear buds, blasted Carly Rae Jepsen, and danced around my hotel room as I unpacked my bag.

Now I could do nothing but wait for a response and keep working on my next manuscript (and go to my class, visit with my friend, and buy books at the Barnes and Noble across the street).

Time would tell.

And it did.

4 days later I received an email saying they were interested and would have an official decision in two weeks.

9 days after that I received THE CALL.  I  sat in the parking lot of my kid's school giggling like a crazy person. I wanted to skip work and go have coffee with my friends to share the moment. I wanted to shout it out the window at all the other moms who had just dropped off their kids. I wanted to go purchase pens and paper and write, write, write.

I couldn't believe it was really happening.

Then the contract came, I reviewed it, and signed it. As of friday the contract is now in their hands. I have officially taken the next step towards publication. I'm told this is when the real work begins. Editing, revisions, hair pulling, and more self doubting. But I say bring it!

My book has found a home at Lyrical Press and I couldn't be more excited. Lyrical Press is an imprint for Kensington Publishing Corp. The team at Lyrical is amazing, welcoming, and a good fit for me. I'm excited and honored to be one of their authors. Thank you, Lyrical Press. Thank you.

So that's where I am. Come back and visit. I'll keep you informed of what the next stage on this journey looks like.

It still doesn't feel real. It'll be interesting to see when it does, if ever.

Oh and if you have a “how it happened” story, share! Please. I love these!

And pop on over to Lyrical Press and check out their authors, their books, and if you are a romance writer…their submission guidelines.

And…Keep Moving Forward-there are great things ahead:-)