It would seem  as soon as I committed to this journey of writing, as soon as I moved it far up on the priority list…all hell broke loose.

I mapped out writing time in my weekly schedule and then lost an entire day in my  week when work asked me to pick up (temporarily) an extra day because of the back log. By back log I mean special need children were not receiving their therapy. That just wasn't sitting right with me. I feel like a dirt bag turning down the offer. So for the next few weeks I've lost an entire writing day each week. That means my one real free day is crammed with grocery shopping, massive loads of laundry, convincing my three year old that chores are ‘fun' and eventually breaking down and paying her for the deed to keep her motivated, and trying to find time to write, have quality family time, and not lose my mind.

Without a doubt my writing has suffered. I jump between projects like a manic junkie, all twitchy and spacey, thinking I'm doing great things when  all I am really doing is drooling on the paper.

So my goal this week is to calm the frak down, detox- if you will-, and let go of all the projects but one. The others will rest peacefully and wait. I'm going to sew some Christmas gifts and just think about the one project.

But come Sunday (that's when my writing week begins and ends)…it's game on.




That's right. Pitch Wars. Thanks to my friend who finds the most incredible opportunities online, I am now eyeballing PITCH WARS. Well, I'm actually going to do more than eyeball it. Why not. What do I have to lose besides a layer of my hide and a giant ding to my self esteem. Not to mention the follow along  depressive funk even copious amounts of food won't make better (read cake, pie, and scones).


And if that's not enough. Writer's Digest actually told me to do it. They gave me a sign (one day I'll fill  you  all in on the power of signs in my life and how some blatantly obvious signs stopped me from getting Lasik Surgery 14 years ago. Like when I said, “If I'm not suppose to have this surgery then give me a sign. Make the machine break.” and five minutes later the office manager came out and told me the machine had malfunctioned. Probably cut someone's eye right out their head).


In case you don't believe me. They (Writer's Digest) emailed me today with this…

Why Tough Love is Crucial for Writers


The new goal is to have my MS and Query spit shined and ready to go for the application date.

Until then…who wants a cute bag to carry all their library books in…


Super cute bag by Tanya Whelan and her book, Sew What You Love. She's right. I do love that bag.