I want to get the (extra ) daily Christmas emails.

  • This event will only occur for 12 days in December (2016) and will not extend beyond that (so 12 emails max)
  • You can opt out at any time from these emails
  • Each email will contain a link to a free book and a snarky poem (we're going for laughs here)
  • Books will range from sweet to panty combusting. They will also be from any romance sub-genre (historical, contemporary, suspenseful).
  • You can share these emails with your friends. Then they can't say you never gave them anything.

Click below to sign up. Federal law requires that I get your permission. You can always let me know if you want them to stop. No hard feelings. I get that emails can become too much. If Seattle Chocolate  send me one more sale email I'm going to blow my diet.