Making 2017 mine!

At the end of December  I like to reflect on the year that's almost over and the one about to begin. I look at past goals and think of new ones. I know I'm a work in progress and will always be, but I try to go forward with more purpose and intention. I try to be kinder, more understanding, and patient.  Sometimes the patience thing is REALLY hard.

2016 was kinda rough. We lost a loved one and another family member received a scary diagnosis (but he's fighting it like a BOSS!).

And we lost Prince and David Bowie and if I keep going I'll start to cry.

So looking forward…. Considering that 2016 taught me to not take the days for granted, my intention is to remember that for 2017. I also want to set realistic goals. I'm tired of beating myself up for not achieving something. Like I'd love to lose 10 pounds next month but maybe I can work on that over the next 4 months. I'd also love my kitchen to stay clean, but that ain't gonna happen.

Here are my (hopefully realistic) goals for 2017:

I want this done to my hands

  1. Write 3 books. Maybe 2.  This depends on if we move this summer or not.
  2. Give my kids 1 unique experience every quarter. Yesterday I taught them to use the microwave to make hot chocolate (so what? I'm a helicopter parent in recovery. Don't judge me. I know I should have taught them sooner. I'm trying to make them independent and not hover. Which is kinda funny actually as my other job is in occupational therapy and the entire premise of that profession is independence). Also, this includes diamond mining and snorkeling. Those kinda things.
  3. Develop an exercise routine that includes yoga (I'm too young to be this creaky 😉 )
  4. Listen to others and let them know they are heard
  5. Get organized (lol- I try this every year. One day I shall become victorious).

I'd love to know what your goals are. If you're comfortable, share them in the comments and we can all cheer you along. It easier to make magic when people are supporting you, I think.

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 brings you and your family good health, laughter, and financial peace.