Interested in becoming an early reviewer and/or beta reader?

Thanks for showing an interested in supporting me. Being a writer means that I need people like you who are willing to read the books and give your honest feedback.

I mean honest when I say it. You can tell me the book sucks. You can also tell me you loved it.  I'm good with either because both teach me different things.

As an early reviewer you'll:

  • Get the books in advance to read before release date
  • Post your review on Amazon, iBooks, and/or Kobo (where you have an account)
  • Send me an email letting me know the reviews are up.

As a beta reader you'll:

  • Get the book while its going through the editing stages
  • Be asked to show me any errors (misspelled words, missing words, and things like that).
  • You'll also have a voice in changing scenes and situations- it's you- the reader- that says, “OMG, that totally didn't work.”

If you're up for one or both of those: sign up below. I'll send you an email to confirm, this will have a short questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire allows me to know what you're interests are (steamy vs.not. Romance vs. woman's fiction and the best way to send you the books). Then about 3-6 times a year you'll get a request from me. Sound good?



I need you!

Girl reading scaled

Thanks for your interest in being either an early reviewer or beta reader (or both). I appreciate the time you are willing to give to me.

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