The theme in the movie Meet the Robinsons is KEEP MOVING FORWARD. The main character is an inventor and after each of his failures he keeps moving forward. Even when failure is found in some of his successes. Like a helping hat that works but goes rogue and hurts before it helps. It's a great movie.

Keep moving forward.

I try to apply it to my life. I try to apply it to my work and to my writing. I think that's why revisions are difficult. I don't always feel like I am moving forward. But this mantra can be applied to anything that stalls you or has the potential to stall you.

I'll give you an example. Recently, I queried a handful of places (agents and houses). There is a long wait time for responses from most places while others are super quick (BLESS YOU) and that's just the nature of the business. But nothing will dry up an email account faster than sending out queries. Usually I get between 4-9 emails every morning. Specific places I subscribe to and the like. But once I started waiting for a response to my queries my emails have dropped. Even Toys R Us and World Market have stopped sending me their sale emails. It's a phenomenon that should be studied. It could stall me. I could hit my refresh button way more often than I do.

But instead of letting it get to me…I keep moving forward.

Keep writing

Keep journaling

Keep laughing with my family and friends

Keep learning

Keep things fresh and new

Forward, that's an awesome place to be:-)

Have a great one and Keep Moving Forward