Let’s go eat Mom!




Anyone who knows me and reads my writing knows I am not the queen of grammar or punctuation. I'm lucky I can spot a misplaced modifier. Knowing when to use a comma or semi colon etc…seems to be something my brain fights absorbing. I either over use or under use commas.

But I'm trying to get it. Really, I am.

Last week at my critique group, one of the others made a funny about a comma that's had me laughing all week.

Here's what happened.

As we were all coming together and doing our brief catch up and settling in to start our critiques, I decided to use the restroom. Since we are all sitting around three small table  with one row of chairs being a booth along a wall, I inevitable have to ask someone to move so I can get out of my seat.

My critique partner (we'll call him John 🙂 ) was sitting across from me and I said, “I'm going to cut through, John”

He said, “I sure hope there was a comma in there.”

I'm gonna cut through John. Quick grab me my chainsaw!

I'm gonna cut through, John. Excuse me.

Best funny of the week and I can't stop thinking about it and chuckling. Now I am on the lookout for ways to make funnies by omitting commas.

Here are the standard one:

  • eats shoots and leaves
  • let's go eat mom
  • I hate that Bob
  • Time to go Jill (what's a Jill and how do you go there?)

So help me out….Send me a few. Please.

Here is a fun game regarding commas Save the Comma.  I should spend some time here, clearly.

And if you have a few minutes here's a cute mental floss video. I'll need to watch it about 38 times just to get each point.

Have a good one

6 thoughts on “Let’s go eat Mom!

  1. In the movie “Strategic Command” Jimmy Stewart receives a telegram asking what his wife should name the new baby. He replies -“Can’t think of a thing, But hope every thing is fine.” She receives “Can’t think of anything but Hope, Everything is fine” So of course she names the baby Hope.

  2. LOL love this post…commas are not my friends…I always put them in the wrong places or leave them out when they are truly needed… my critters love to get me too 🙂

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