Anyone who knows me and reads my writing knows I am not the queen of grammar or punctuation. I'm lucky I can spot a misplaced modifier. Knowing when to use a comma or semi colon etc…seems to be something my brain fights absorbing. I either over use or under use commas.

But I'm trying to get it. Really, I am.

Last week at my critique group, one of the others made a funny about a comma that's had me laughing all week.

Here's what happened.

As we were all coming together and doing our brief catch up and settling in to start our critiques, I decided to use the restroom. Since we are all sitting around three small table  with one row of chairs being a booth along a wall, I inevitable have to ask someone to move so I can get out of my seat.

My critique partner (we'll call him John 🙂 ) was sitting across from me and I said, “I'm going to cut through, John”

He said, “I sure hope there was a comma in there.”

I'm gonna cut through John. Quick grab me my chainsaw!

I'm gonna cut through, John. Excuse me.

Best funny of the week and I can't stop thinking about it and chuckling. Now I am on the lookout for ways to make funnies by omitting commas.

Here are the standard one:

  • eats shoots and leaves
  • let's go eat mom
  • I hate that Bob
  • Time to go Jill (what's a Jill and how do you go there?)

So help me out….Send me a few. Please.

Here is a fun game regarding commas Save the Comma.  I should spend some time here, clearly.

And if you have a few minutes here's a cute mental floss video. I'll need to watch it about 38 times just to get each point.

Have a good one