On August 18th LOVE COMES HOME releases. It's a collection of five sweet, heartwarming contemporary romances about forgiveness, second chances, and loving through difficult times. I love each of these stories and sometimes regret (for a brief moment) that they aren't full-length books.

Why short stories? Because time is limited. Or in my case; spent in line, at gymnastics lessons, karate lessons, or some other place my over scheduled children must be. Sometimes I want an escape but my lunch break is only one hour. Not long enough to get invested in a story, or worse, just the right amount of time to get to a part where you have to put the book away but you can't!  Short stories are perfect for this.

 I share this with you to let you know that you can preorder your copy today. If you haven't read any of the stories, then this will be your best deal. Buying them separately will cost you more. If you're life is too busy for even shorts- hang tight. Some of the books are in audio production as I type this. But for now, if you're interested, here are the links.


love comes home small

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