Matchmaker’s Guide- Meryton Matchmakers Confidential Client Questionnaires

Hi all~

Been a while since I posted. Mostly, that's because school was ending, deadlines were pressing, and the world was in chaos (my personal world). But it's all good now and things are trucking along.

I have news to share. I'm going to launch a new series this summer. August rings in the 200 year anniversary of Jane Austen. I don't know about you but I'm a fan. Always have been. Persuasion is my favorite with Pride and Prejudice a very close second.

So in honor of the awesomeness that is Jane, my next series is a Pride and Prejudice modern day variation.  Why not Persuasion? Two words- Mr. Darcy.

My series: Meryton Matchmakers. Jane and Elizabeth are in the business of finding lonely hearts true love. William Darcy, corporate raider, is in the business of consolidation his aunt holdings for profit reasons. The sisters have 30 days to improve their companies performance or buy out his aunt(their silent partner)- an option they can't afford.

First match: (Charlotte) Lottie Lucas and Bill Collins. Can these childhood friends admit there's something more than fun memories?

To launch the series, I will be offering for free- the Matchmaker's Guide. This is Elizabeth's personal documents of the clients that come in to Meryton Matchmakers. Her guide is a living document. That means it will be periodically updated as the books progress (7 book series). Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter, or note your edition so you can be told of updates.

Good news? THIS WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!!!  So get your copy today and watch for updates!!


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