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Hi! Welcome back to #ChatItUp and the Meet My Character's Blog Hop.

I was invited to the Hop by Ellen Hawley.

Thanks, Ellen <3.  She's a fellow Kensington Author. Here's her book, The Divorce Diet. Isn't that a great title?  Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to be a part of this great Kensington family? Because I do feel lucky. Really Lucky.




Ellen Hawley is an American fiction writer and blogger living in the U.K. She has worked as an editor and copy editor, a talk-show host, a cab driver, a waitress, a janitor, an assembler, a file clerk, and for four fun-filled hours, a receptionist. She has also taught creative writing. Her most recent novel, The Divorce Diet, is due out in January. Her previous novels are Open Line and Trip Sheets. Her blog, Notes from the U.K. explores the spidery corners of a culture and the stuff that tourist brochures ignore.




Now, I’m supposed to choose one character from a work-in-progress or a recently published book and answer seven easy questions. Here goes!

What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

Josie Woodmere is the character I decided to introduce to you. If you read my first book, THE GIRL HE KNOWS, you've already met her. She's most definitely a fictional character, however, she's sort of a tribute to a good friend I have. My friend is a candid, straight talking, no nonsense girl who's beyond loyal and dependable. I think everyone should have a friend like that.

When and where is the story set?

The story is a contemporary and takes place in Daytona Beach with little side trips to Fort Lauderdale and Cassadaga (which is the psychic capital of the world).

 What should we know about him/her?

Josie is the middle child of wealthy parents. Her IQ is high enough that she skipped a grade in elementary school and because of that has always felt like an outsider. Her closest friends were her brother and his best friend, a guy she later became engaged to. But on the eve of her wedding, she realizes just how unhappy she is and walks away from it all, setting out on a journey to find herself. When we catch up with her two years later she's addicted to Henna, has the mouth of a sailor, and embracing life to it's fullest.

 What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Josie has gotten so used to her wanderlust that she's forgotten her purpose for it. Her brother wagers that she can't stay in one place longer than six months and she, of course, goes for twelve. Just to prove him wrong. In those months, her life in Daytona offers far more than she ever imagined and has to decide whether to see things through or move on like she's always done in the past.

What is the personal goal of the character?

To experience everything possible and find her bliss so that when she settles down – she has no regrets.

 Is there a working title for this novel and can we read more about it?

The Girl He Needs. It's the second book in my No Strings Attached Series. The first book is THE GIRL HE KNOWS and that book takes place after Josie's story. So you can get to know her there.

If published, add buy links and other author info here.

Josie's story isn't available yet but, like I said, you can get to know her in THE GIRL HE KNOWS which can be bought at AMAZON     BARNES AND NOBLE     GOOGLE PLAY    KENSINGTON    AND iTUNES.

You can also find a free unpublished chapter for THE GIRL HE KNOWS at WATTPAD  and find some of my other work (short stories) at SMASHWORDS.

Thanks to everyone who have participated in this blog hop and inviting me. . I appreciate you all popping by and hope to see you again soon. Until then, Keep Moving Forward.

Dani-Lyn AlexanderNext week- hop on over to Dani Lyn Alexander's site to met one of her characters. Her book-The Reluctant Prince is coming in November.


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