Meryton Matchmakers: Book 4 Jane Adores Bingley

Ready to find the perfect match? Meryton Matchmakers has the key to your heart.


When expectations and assumptions break hearts…

When Jane Bennet, a quiet and unassuming woman, made candid videos for her company, Meryton Matchmakers, she never expected the videos to go viral. Yet, something about her sincere conversation about the woes of dating and the fears of getting hurt resounded with people across the nation and further. Jane hadn't expected to connect with so many people. She hadn't expected the videos would be misconstrued, and she certainly hadn't expected to lose the one guy she thought was the one.

Life for loveable and friendly Charles Bingley has always been easy. Good luck follows him around. Meeting Jane, he knew she was meant for him. Their connection was instant, their chemistry unlike anything he's ever known. Until her videos went viral and then he had to compete for her attention. Assuming she wasn't as into him as he was her, he leaves without so much as a goodbye. Now, he's seen the error of his ways and he's back to get what he wants- Jane. Only, he assumed it would be easier than she's making it. She's forgiven but a second chance looks unlikely.

Stuck together at Emma Woodhouse's Valentine's Matchmaker party, Jane and Bingley must step out of their comfort zones, take chances, and listen to their hearts if they want a second chance at real love.

Oh, and Elizabeth? Her one goal for the weekend is to express her thanks to Darcy for saving Lydia. Only, he wants nothing of it. To make matters worse, tabloid journalist Joanna Bennet is at the party and taking copious notes and making scandalous observations.


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