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Welcome to Meryton Matchmakers- We have the key to your lonely heart 


Here's the blurb: Elizabeth Bennet believes there is one true love for her. Unfortunately, the odds of finding that person in the great vast world are slim. As part owner of Meryton Matchmakers, a company that prides itself on the importance of the human connection, she hopes to decrease those odds and achieve her heart's dream while helping other's achieve theirs, too.

Infamous corporate raider, William Darcy is ready to focus on more important endeavors like finding the next mountain to scale. He's tired of the board room. Yet, family obligation calls and he's dispatched by his aunt, Meryton Matchmaker's sole financial backer, with one task. Convert the matchmaker business into a fully automated online operation or withdrawal her financial interest directly.
Without the immediate means to buy out their investor, for now, compromise is the only option. Elizabeth and her sister must step up their game or risk losing more than their livelihoods.

First match: Elizabeth's best friend, pastry chef, Lottie Lucas to pastor/martial counselor Bill Collins. Childhood playmates, Lottie is desperate to move out of the friend zone. The problem is Bill's never pictured himself the settling down type. Yet, withstanding the pressure from both his family and job is wearing him down and Lottie sees and opportunity that can't be ignored. With Elizabeth's help, Lottie goes full pursuit, regardless that others, and Darcy's computer, believe they aren't suited.

So if you are so inclined pop on over to your favorite seller of ebooks and snag yourself a copy. Then email me and tell me what you want to see in the next books. Do you want Darcy and Lizzy to kiss sooner than later? What would you put on Darcy's questionnaire?

I would love your input.

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JAFF fans will tell me they want more of Darcy and Lizzy- which they will get in the rest of the books- I swear. Pinkie promise. And I also promise to give you, dear wonderful reader (see what I did there?), a happily ever after in each book as well.  yes, I'm dragging out the angst between Darcy and Elizabeth. I can't help it. I love how they rumble and fight it. It makes the get together in the end all the more sweeter.

What's up next? Book 2 of course 🙂

Here's a little teaser~

BOOK 2: Quarantined to Chaz Bingley’s mountain home with Darcy and crew is wearing on Elizabeth’s nerves. His grand plan to automate her business has only created more problems and she’s afraid it could destroy them. Perhaps that was his plan all along. It doesn’t matter that Darcy occasional shows the sign of being human, evidence points to the contrary. And his beliefs on marriage! Ack, the whole situation is a nightmare.

But Elizabeth has an ace up her sleeve. Darcy’s cousin Henry Fitzwilliam is making eyes at Elizabeth’s sister Mary and Darcy himself said Mary brings out the best in Henry. Could there be a love match there? Elizabeth would love nothing more than to prove Darcy wrong on all fronts.



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