My new releases

Hey y'all~

Its been a hectic time these last few months but -WOW- I'm super excited about my new releases.

I've had TWO- yes TWO!- new short stories come out. This weekend only He's the One is FREE! You heard it here, first.

Meet Shea and Leo                                                                                                                                  Meet Melinda and Jared











Recently, I decided to give my short stories a facelift and had new covers made. Next week a new cover for Second Chances will be done. When I see the new covers next to the old ones, well, let's just say I'm embarrassed.

The very artistic lady at Paper and Sage is the visionary behind these awesome new covers.


That's not all. My short story- Forever Him– got a new cover and a new title. It's now called Once Again. Forever Him just wasn't working for me. Sorry about that.


All I have left is Andee and Buck's story. I wish I could say that will be out soon but that's doubtful, considering all thats going on right now. Until then I hope that you enjoy the 4 books in the Coming Home Series.

Leave me a comment if you have thoughts or questions or ideas:-) I hope that you are enjoying the short stories.

I also hope that you have great plans for summer and it's fill with love, laughter, and endless fun~

Thanks for stopping by. Chat with you soon and Keep Moving forward!


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