Hi all,



In 6 days my book will be released. Honestly, I never thought I would be saying such a thing. It really does seem surreal.

Make no mistake- I'm very excited. But much like getting married or having a baby, this will change everything. Everything in my book life, that is. I can already see the changes.

The first time you write a book you hope you know what you're doing. The second time you're much harder on yourself because you think you should know better. Or at least I'm that way. You think it has to be better than the first. Funnier, maybe. Sexier, perhaps. But better. And then you think that on a scale of writer's talent, yours doesn't even register. It's like going through the spin cycle, I imagine.

Don't get me wrong. I'm over the moon about having my book published. I'm thankful, I'm encouraged, I'm hopeful, and I'm scared. What's next? Where do I go from here? How do I create momentum? How do these people create backlist so quickly? A million questions.

So in an effort to cope I find I'm nesting.


Yeah, nesting. Like the crazy nonsense you do when your about to have a baby. Where you pull out all kinds of things from the closets and turn the house upside down and put it back together. Crazy nesting. And I'm knees deep in it.

I've become obsessed – I mean OBSESSED- with clean air. In part because I have a dog and I HATE the dog smell and part because my oldest is chronically congested. So I bought these to help purify the air.


They make great night lights, Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal. The glow is calming and (it might be all in my head) but I really think they work.

And I started making my own cleaning products. Windex, Dish soap, dishwasher soap, soft scrub, laundry detergent, and my favorite- hands down- laundry crystals (see above). We have well water and after I wash towels and the like and they sit, the smell becomes …stale? I've tried scented dryer discs, dryer sprays, and switching the detergent. I've tried store fabric softeners and a variety of fragrance and nothing works. Nothing. The crystals I made are ice cream rock salt and a combination of essential oils. I put a tablespoon in the wash and BAM- it's amazing. Stale smell is gone. I won't say that my towels are any softer than they already were but they smell amazing and that's what I was really seeking.

I've also cleaned my carpet.

Eaten my body weight in popcorn everyday for the last four days.

Took a piece of chocolate from my child (right out of his hand) and ate it in from to him.

Stood on the road and ate blackberries right off the bush when I was supposed to be walking to de-stress.

This list goes on.

6 days. I can't wait to see how I unravel between now and then (insert sigh).