One day you’re…The writing Process- Told in pictures

One day you're having a cup of coffee (or in my case- a cup of tea) and thinking about story ideas that secretly- you think are pretty stinking awesome. You rock!

_MG_0091 copy


OHHH! And then you can add this element and that element and -WOW- this book is going to be AMAZING. Best Selling List- here you come!


_MG_0080 copy


Yes, this book is off to a good start (and secretly- you spend time dreaming of buying fancy things like boots at full price and maybe taking your kids to Disney- In Paris).

_MG_0084 copy



Uh- WAIT…How are you going to make the emotional theme, story arc, story theme, and word count line up? That secondary character doesn't feel three dimensional but you can't just cut them from the story.

The worry begins to creep in….(this is when you'll want to top off your coffee or tea with a boost of liquid courage).

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You'll have a moment where your positive self talk will come out swinging and try to boost you up- but truth is…your self talk is a little cry baby bitch who runs off. You begin to think that having a pleasant cup of coffee (or tea) has got to be the stupidest idea. Ever. And you should have stayed home. There you're distracted by the TV, dishes, small children, and dogs that scoot across your floor leaving a streak of poop.

_MG_0079 copy



You'll fall into a pit of despair, wondering why you want to write anyway. Your book idea no longer sounds wonderful. It sounds stupid. Worse than stupid.

Writing is hard.

Instead of writing you could be spending time with friends, marathon watching Gilmore Girls or cyberstalking Adam Levine. You'd be way less stressed out and much friendlier. You're kids would know what a normal mom looks and acts like. You'll finish this cup of spew and go home where you'll hide your computer and everything else you use when you write. Like your coffee cups.

_MG_0075 copy



You'll lift up your cup, take a whiff and BAM…the idea is back.  You've solved the issue of the secondary character and BY GEORGE…this is even better than the original idea. Holy Crap, this writing thing is AWESOME!

And the cycle repeats!


_MG_0094 copy


Have a good one friends. Don't forget.  Keep moving Forward




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