How are you? It's Sunday and I'm gearing up to watch football. I'm planning  some friend pickles and nachos and all other foods that aren't good for me. Man, I love Sundays. It's cold here (PNW) so we have a fire going and the heat on.

All this is something I realize I take for granted.

I know this because my family, sister and mom, took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. They're in central Florida. As it was happening, I was up to the wee hours texting her about their situation, needing updates to make sure they were safe. First they lost power, then the wind picked up and it was eerie. Unidentifiable noises of debris flying around outside.

My mom, having just moved into her house, still had moving boxes that were unpacked. She kept watching this one oak they have in their yard, afraid it would come down on their house. The tree was scheduled to be taken out but Irma came through before their appointment.

Last week, my sister finally had her debris carried away. Their new roof is on and, thankfully, there were no leaks or other damage to the house. Last is replacing the A/C unit which is schedule,  but things are backlogged in Florida from the hurricanes. My sister and her family were out of power for a week.

Doesn't feel like a long time, 7 days, until you're in it and you can't shower, you can't cook, the temps are hot and stifling (even in fall) and there aren't any restaurants open because they are recovering as well.

Even so, my sister and her family are very lucky. My mom and her husband are lucky as well considering they had even less damage.

But have you seen the people in the Keys?


Like Puerto Rico, The Keys are still struggling.

I've always been a believer that community extends beyond the town you live in. Community means all of us. Because even though I may not know you personally, I care if your house was destroyed by a fire, a hurricane, a tornado or some other natural disaster.

Our friends are struggling. These are moms, dads, grannies, grampies, sisters, brothers, and kids.

As a girl who was raised in Florida I couldn't do nothing. So I joined up with a handful of other authors from Florida (or who write about Florida) with the goal of raising money to help out those in The Keys.

If you've been sitting around wondering what you could do then check out this site: https://www.gofundme.com/Writers-for-Keys-Hurricane-Relief

Consider donating anything for Hurricane Relief in The Keys.

Thanks for giving me a few seconds of your time to talk about this important issue.