Pick my cover- Part 2

You all! Can you be any more fabulous? The feedback you gave me was insanely good- and spot on.

This image was the winner:  depositphotos_69387609-stock-photo-young-couple-in-love-near

I agree that the hat and shirt need to be changed. I'm not as bothered by her hand on his elbow but the one between them.


This was runner up: depositphotos_9270038-stock-photo-cowboy

But it's an odd cover and the title (which changed to) Marry Me, Cowboy might make people think the love is for the horse. I dunno. This stuff is hard.

Here are a few other remarks that stood out to me-

  1. The images looked familiar and on other books
  2. People wanted to see the couples face
  3. The couple wasn't exactly right.
  4. The images looked dated.

I'll be honest. I can't say I disagree with any of this. The problem with using stock images is that most people are using them.

So here is the alternative- Using images from a photographer that I really like.

One problem- there aren't any with couples that I liked so its down to a guy. I'm still searching for boots and stuff that could be on the image instead of people.

So let's here what you have to say about these. The answer can still be none of them 🙂 And you'll see I had a hard time narrowing down the options because there are 12. I have to say- I think a little chest hair on the guys would be nice but that might just be me 🙂


























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32 thoughts on “Pick my cover- Part 2

  1. Oooh yuuuum! ! gosh way to hard to choose, no wonder you have a difficult time trying to figure out what to put on the covers, I would still be pondering after a month of Sundays, they all look good enough to eat! !!!!! Sue

  2. Before I started scrolling thru the pics, I start repeating the title, “Marry Me, Cowboy” out loud.
    Option 5 stood out to me. Introspective, brooding, like someone you’d have to convince bc he’s all into his work & not looking for love (maybe? I didn’t know the story exactly, just guessing) . I like the black & white of it, too. Just my thoughts.

  3. My choices went 2, 5, and 10 to go with the title “Marry Me, Cowboy.” Love these much more than the first round.

  4. I like number 9. Looks like a working cowboy who is yummy too. 3, 6, 7 and 8 look to posed and model like. I would buy them as real cowboys. Good luck.

  5. My choice is #10: Not too bulky you-know-where, great pecs, love the wall behind and the colors all go well together. There’s no face: that’s good, then I won’t dream about him and my husband won’t be jealous!

  6. I chose 12, I really like the Sepia tone & think you could modify some of the others to sepia and it would change the feel of them entirely, just to make the choice even harder.

    With that title, a boot and a boutonniere next to it would be a nice look.

  7. I picked 5 for the same reasons already noted, however, 6 would work but it is not as introspective. I say digitally add a woman’s face in the corner of the cover as though he is thinking of her. These are all very yummy looking cowboys and this group would make a smokin’ hot calendar for next year!

  8. Hey Kristin,
    I like options 2,5,6, and 9. They look like their thinking over asking someone to Mary them and if she will say and the future possibilities!!!

  9. I really feel like it needs to be a couple or something else entirely. “Marry me, Cowboy” conveys a couple image in my head. I liked the last winner and would say with a few changes, like shirt color (which can be done with photoshop), tat is a winner.

  10. I like Option 5. Saw that Option 2 was most popular but what is between his legs in the pic? That needs to be photoshopped out because it looks like a BM! LOL!!

  11. Choice: #2

    Reason: Oh my ‘fans self’!!!
    Well I certainly wasn’t expecting this, but I’m definitely not closing this page right now! LOL.

    These are some super hot pictures to choose from. But based on my previous comment, this is as close to what I imagined. I loved #5 and #6 for the close up on their faces, #5 gives off some mystery with a side view, he looks ruggardly handsome, sexy and alluring. I love the black and white. #6 was nice, he’s handsome and exudes confidence and suits being in color. But #2, wow, he’s rolling his sleeve, you can see he’s tanned, toned, total picture of sexiness through and through. I want to climb through the screen here just to sit and stare, maybe drool a bit too lmao.

  12. It was between #2 and #5… I went with #2 The others were extremely sexy but I like to form my own “mental image” when reading!

  13. I would have to pick #2. I liked his rolling up his sleeves, to get into his work. I have been questioning the “no” chest hair on the cowboy covers for awhile now myself. Like seriously when does a rancher have time to worry about removing his chest hair?!!

  14. I picked Option 5. It seems the most realistic to me. Would prefer it in color though. This choice remedies the problem of chest hair. lol. I don’t know about these other people but I did actually date a cowboy or two in my youth and the only times I can remember them with their shirts open all the way or off was when they were done working and poured water over their heads and when they took off their boots and Hat for other purposes. lol. BTW that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the man candy seen here. My second choice would be option 12.

  15. 2, 5 and 6 stood out to me. I don’t need to see all the cheesecake on the cover. Leave a little surprise for inside.

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