Its my first week blog hopping with Romance Writer's Weekly and I am excited. Like a terrier that sees the post man excited. Jumping around and making lots of noise. I love blog hops. I love fun little jaunts that break up the monotony of everything else.

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Today's hop is about who we are outside of being writers. As you may be aware many writers have day jobs. I am one of those. I juggle lots. I mean, most wives/moms/women do. No offense to the men out there. You juggle a lot as well, it's just different.

Outside of writing, what is your day job?


I have two jobs.

1. I'm a mom and volunteer A LOT at my kids school ( I'm a recovering helicopter parent if that gives you an idea of what I mean by A LOT).


2. I'm a pediatric occupational therapist. I mainly work for schools in the special needs program. If you have a preschooler and you wonder about what they should be doing in school, pop on over to KickAss Chicks for more information.

Tell us something interesting about the job.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a rehabilitative profession that was born out of  WW1. Men coming home from war were having a difficult time transitioning. It was believed that if given an occupation, something to do with their hands and their minds, these men would once again feel successful and would be able to work through their issues. OT has a strong foundation in psychology. In the school system I work with children who have problems with handwriting, visual memory skills, eye tracking, and motor issues.


What inspired you to take on this job?

Ok, so- to be an OT you have to do a crazy amount of volunteer hours. This is also true for Physical Therapy which is what I originally set out to do. I was volunteering as a rehab clinic in Florida – watching the PT's and bored out of my mind (sorry PT friends). The supervisor suggested I go in the back and watch the OT. During the one hour I observed her she provided hand therapy (totally enthralled) and worked with a gentleman on whether he could complete the tasks needed to return to work (work hardening). He was a postal worker. I switched to OT that day.

Would I ever consider giving it to one of my characters?

I was a latchkey kid. I'd come home from school and watch General Hospital and watched it all the way through college. While in college they had a criminal twin (Ryan) who used his OT (seduced her) to escape prison. General Hospital made that OT TSTL ( and in fact he did kill her) and I was outraged. Not that he killed her but that she was portrayed as some dumb-dumb.  SO the answer to the question is yes.

Paisley in my book The Girl He Knows  is a pediatric OT and works in the school system.

Evie in my short story Once Again is a geriatric OT with dreams of being a pediatric one.

Neither of these two are too stupid to live (at least that's my opinion).

Here's a funny that cracks me up every time:-)










So there you have it. That's my day job. Hey, I could have blasted you with pictures of my messy house, piles of laundry and kids in all stages of the day. THAT'S my OTHER job:-)

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Thanks for coming by. Until next time- Keep Moving Forward