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Hey all, I'm starting out the blog hop today and I'me very excited to be kicking it off:-)

Todays question comes from Fiona Riplee. Ready? Here we go…

Flash fiction – Your hero & heroine are playing an “old-school” board game (one with an actual board or pieces old or new – just not a video game). The winner gets a special prize. 1000 words or less.

It was a toss up between using the characters from The Girl He Knows (Paisley and Hank) or the ones fro Second Chances (Lorelei and Cole). I went with Second Chances 🙂


A game of monopoly

The lights flickered to the beat of three seconds before going out completely. The living room was cast in a shadows of various grays, reflecting the dark ominous clouds outside.

“Hurricane's coming,” Cole said from the large sliding door windows.

“Well, don't just stand there by the window. Back away.”

He turned to her, bemused. “It's not right here, right now.” He stepped away from the window anyway because he knew she'd worry that a rouge branch might come through the glass. It's been known to happen.

“So whad'ya wanna do now that the lights are out?” He came up from behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Who are you kidding? The minute we get into that-Parker will wake up screaming. That kid has impeccable timing.” She leaned against him and tilted her neck so he would have better access.

“True. He's very possessive of his momma. What are we going to do? No TV-“

“I could read a book,” Lorelei said. “I never get to read books.”

“Yes you do. You just fall asleep after the first few pages.”

The conversation fell silent as the sound of howling wind picked up and whistled loudly as it blew around the house.

“Ugh, I hate these types of storms. You never know if a tornado is going to come out of nowhere and take out the house.” She shuttered in his arms. “Maybe I should move Parker into the room with us?”

“I have my phone set for alerts and Parker's in the safest room in the house. I have an idea, let's do what we used to when we were kids.”

“I'm not tossing a football in the house.” Because that's what they always did as kids. It as no secret that Cole was obsessed with football, so much that he's now the head coach for big university team.

“No, dork. Let's play board games. I thought I saw some around here somewhere. You find the games and I'll get snacks and candles.”

“OK, sounds fun.” Lorelei knew exactly where she'd stored the games and came back with Monopoly.

Cole looked at the worn box, “Seriously, Monopoly? Something wrong with Sorry or Risk?”

“Yes, this one I'm very good at and you are not. Maybe it's all that math.” She put the game down and cleared off their large leather ottoman. Once she had room she began to set up the game. “What do you want to be? The dog?”

“The ship.” Cole placed a plate of sliced cheese, specialty crackers, olives, and deli meats between them and popped open a beer.

Lorelei selected the thimble and set it next to his ship before taking the beer from his hand, taking a pull. “Wanna roll to see who goes first?” She asked as she handed it back.

“No need. Ladies first.” He took his own swig before handing it back to her. “Care to make this interesting so I can stay awake in this game?” He always did hate the pace of Monopoly.

She arched a brow and waited for him to continue.

“How about every time we have to go to jail we take off a piece of clothing and every time our opponent lands on free parking they get to tell us what piece of clothing to take off.”

Lorelei looked at her shorts and tank top. “This is gonna be a short game.”

“Yeah,” he said with a nod and a smile.

Twenty minutes into the game, Lorelei leading with hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place, reached back to unclasp her bra. “It's gonna be real awkward if someone comes to the door and we're in our living room, naked.”

“Who's coming to the door? There's a hurricane out there.”

“What if we need fire and rescue? A tree comes through the roof and we're buck naked.”

Cole, clad only in his tightly-whities shrugged, “if a tree comes through I'll cover you with my body. Then folks will just think we have sex during the day, during hurricanes, in our living room.”

Lorelei rolled her eyes and unclasped her bra, letting the straps slide slowly down her arms. “Your turn.” She pointed to the board.

Without so much as looking at the die or the board, Cole rolled and tossed the white cubes across the game.

Lorelei clasped her hands in delight, “Haha! Boardwalk sucker. Hand it all over.”

Cole tossed her his money and smiled. “I'm busted. That's all I have. You win.”

Lorelei tossed her arms up in triumph. “Victory is mine,” she said. “Don't I get a special prize? Not only did I win but I did it in under thirty minutes.”

“Yeah, sure. A special prize. I got that right here.” He pushed the board game off the ottoman and lunged across, capturing her in his arms then bringing his body to rest atop hers.

“Hurry,” she whispered. “Before the kid wakes up.”

With rain slashing madly against the windows and wind streaking wildly around the house, Cole and Lorelei blocked out the sounds of an angry mother nature and got lost in each other.

Forty weeks later -to the day- Lorelei's special prize, a seven pound baby girl they named Eliza Jane, was born.


~The End~


I hope you liked this. If you want to read a little more of this sort of Flash Fiction then hop on over to Carrie Elks blog and see what she's done.


Also- fellow KickAss Chick and RWW friend- Sarah Hegger– has a new release today! I read the first book in the series and can assure you that I'm swinging by the book store today to get Nobody's Fool! I know I'll love it so much I want to own it in paperback:-)





Don't forget to go by Carrie's.









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