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Guess who is now a part of the fabulous group at Romance Writer's Weekly! This girl!! I'm excited to be hanging with these great folk, blogging, sharing, and well- the tag line says it best-  LOVE-CHAT-WRITE. 

You'll be seeing some new (and needed changes) coming to my site. Thoughts for Thursday is a weekly post you can find on Romance Writer's Weekly and now here. Two Tuesdays a month I'll be participating in the blog hop -which are crazy fun. We also have a Facebook page that you should go like right now and hang with us there. Lots of fabulous pictures -oh- and information :-).

The writers at Romance Writer's Weekly are crazy good and it's an honor to now be among them.

In addition to the changes I'm making now that I'm hanging with Romance Writer's Weekly you will see Monday's announce new releases, cover reveals, and sales for my self and others. On alternate Tuesday's I'm cooking up something fun but can't share any more than that:-) Mostly because the details aren't all worked out.

So there you have it. That's my news for this week. It's exciting and only going to get better. Lots of stuff in the works. Oh, and THANKS to all my newsletter subscribers who requested their free book. Thanks for taking a chance on me and spending time reading my newsletter, my site, and my books. I'm very appreciative.  Just in case some of you missed that- it pays to join my newsletter:-).

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Until we chat again. I hope the summer is treating you well. Keep Moving Forward~


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