RWW BLOG HOP! What would you do?


This week Victoria Barbour wants to know  WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER?


If you hopped here from Gemma Brocato's blog- WELCOME! If you found me on your own  please feel free to hop back and see what some of my other awesome writer friends have to say. They're a hoot so I'm sure you'd be in for a good laugh.


Would you rather – eat haggis or chocolate covered bugs?

Haggis. Hands down. But I'd ask for the vegetarian version. OK, OK, thats outside the rules. Still Haggis. I figure my Scottish roots will kick in and I'd stomach that better than a bug. Any bug. No thanks. No way. No thanks. Plus, the question doesn't say HOW I'd eat it or how much. I can take one NO THANK YOU bite and be on my way 🙂

But here's a clever idea-

Sourced from Incognito Bistro
Sourced from Incognito Bistro

Would you rather – skydive or scuba dive?

Scuba Dive. Easy Peasy. I would NEVER jump out of a plane. Are you freaking kidding me.

Sourced from Daily Mail UK
Sourced from Daily Mail UK

Would you rather – red headed hotties or blonde haired hunks? (Cause we all know we love brunettes the best!)

Red head hottie. Does that make me the only one? I have a thing for Gingers. Even those with Freckles. I mean look at this picture. LOOK AT IT! ‘Nuff said!

Sourced from Pinterest
Sourced from Pinterest

Would you rather – no reviews or all three star reviews?

3 Stars. Because people are reading. And thats Average. And I can always get better. But if you can't get people to read or worse, they read and can't be bothered to leave a review- I'm not sure I can climb that mountain.

Sourced from ComicBook Movie
Sourced from ComicBook Movie

Would you rather – be stung by one wasp 10 times or 10 bees one time?

Neither. Neither. Neither. Every time I read this I think of the scene in MY GIRL where Macaulay Caulkin gets stung several times and dies. It makes me cry. Clearly, I saw the movie when I was a kid and I'm scarred for life. If I had to pick I'd say one wasp 10 times. Because by sting number 3 he's lost some of his fervor and is on his death bed anyway.


Sourced from Dreamstime.
Sourced from Dreamstime.


Well, there's my answers. Thanks for popping by. Tell me what you'd rather? And go check out BRENDA MARGARET'S BLOG to see what she's willing to do 🙂



7 thoughts on “RWW BLOG HOP! What would you do?

  1. I agree about the reviews. Climbing the mountain of indifference would definitely be demoralizing. Even a bad review (and 3 stars isn’t that bad) you have something to work with, a way to improve.

  2. Boy – do I like your red-headed hottie. And it was a tough questions. And I’m with you on your jumping out a planes choice. No way, no how!

  3. I see you found the haggis pizza too, lol. I remember when Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie, someone did a photo manip of him with red hair (your Pinterest pic). He looked good then and he looks even better now. =D
    Great answers!

  4. Awesome answers! I can’t believe I’m about the only one who chose skydiving! Scuba diving is like my ultimate fear–unable to move fast enough and FISH.

    1. I can’t believe you’d jump out of a plane. Of course, I would never scuba dive near the Great Barrier Reef or anything. I’d just scuba in some lake with Manatee’s.

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