RWW Blog Hop- What’s out your window?

It's Romance Writer's Weekly Blog hop. This weeks question is brought to us by Betty Bolte

If you're hopping over her from S. C. Mitchell's ( – Welcome!

Here we go:

Our surroundings influence our mood and view of the world as much as setting in any story. What is the view outside your window, or what would you like the view to be?


I'm lucky enough that I look out into the woods or to the street in front of my house. But I'd like to see this view everyday. And when I'm stuck on something- I'd like to see this view while I'm doing yoga and hopefully getting unstuck!



So that's it for me. I'm pretty simple. I wouldn't mind some water with this view and maybe some Orcas. Think I'm asking for a lot?

Hop over to DanI Jace and see what she's looking at.

Thanks for hopping pop.

Have a great holiday week if you're in the States. The rest of you should just have a great week 🙂


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