RWW Blog Hop- What’s your secret passion


Today's blog hop topic is brought to you by the amazing Sarah Hegger. She wants to know what’s your secret passion? Sarah has a thing for shoes and B-grade fantasy movies.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

If you hopped her from Brenda Margriet‘s- WELCOME! If you stumbled upon me for some other reason then make sure to hop on back and check out what her secret pleasures are:-)

Mine are really simple:

Tea- hot and frothy 🙂  or Cold and unsweetened

Linens. I love towels, sheets, and blankets. I have to stay out of Bed, Bath , and Beyond

Purses: I'm on the search for the perfect purse that will help me stay organized, be large enough to carry my laptop, but not weigh 1 million pounds.


Books. I mean, really. I can't stop buying them:-)

Tell me what you can't stop buying. What your soul craves.

And head on over to Carrie Elks and see what she has to say.

Thanks for popping by you all. Hope all is well. Take Care and Keep Moving Forward!

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12 thoughts on “RWW Blog Hop- What’s your secret passion

  1. Oy – I have to stay away from BB&B in general – I’m not really giggling at your obsession with sheets – at all – I love that – and the way they keep coming out with better fabrics, why am I surprised??

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