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Why Writing is Not a Career for Wimps

Writing is one of the hardest professions I know. Okay, there are tougher ones… police officer, firefighter, even teachers, but all in all, writing a novel, a short story, even a magazine article is hard work. It’s harder than hard. It can be absolutely terrifying and emotionally draining. Then to have it printed? Holy crap! You’ve just put your most personal thoughts, emotions, gut reactions, dreams, aspirations, desires, needs (I could go on) out there. Way out there… in a big wide world full of people who will read what you wrote! Now your written words are available to all sorts of scrutiny, comment and horribly enough, even to ridicule.

Your mind whirls with questions. Is my writing good enough? Could I have done more? Does the dialogue flow? Are my characters likeable? Was it ready for people other than family or that special someone in my life, to read? Will I receive wonderful reviews on Goodreads and Amazon? Or… (deep breath inhaled here) will my work be torn to shreds? Ripped apart by those who take great pride in writing poisonous words that hurt and wound just for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

Why, I ask? Why do we do it? I can tell you with all certainty that it’s not about the accolades and awards we receive. There are a few special authors who tower above the rest, who have honors and a variety of tributes heaped upon them. Adoring fans collapse at their feet. I’m sorry to tell you, this is not the norm for many authors. While there are a variety of writing awards, prizes and tributes paid to many writers of all styles and genres, I can state with the utmost certainty this is not why we write. It’s not about gratification, recognition, or the fans clamoring for autographed novels. (Well, sales do help!)

No. It’s more. A true author has to write. The words are there. It’s in the blood. Actually, I think it’s deeper. It’s in the marrow of every author’s soul.

I started this blog by saying writing is not for wimps. Why? Writer’s write because they love it. Because they have to, because they must. No matter what the cost, what the result – good or bad – a true author writes because the words won’t stay inside. You have to be strong of mind and spirit to write and let other’s read what you’ve written. It takes guts to turn the other cheek to negativity and keep looking for the positive in the next written word, the next edited paragraph, the next completed novel.

So, we write. We print our stories. Others read the words on the page. And no matter what is said about us, we never stop. There’s always the next plot, where our fabulous heroine and handsome hero meet, fall in love, kill off the bad guy, and find true happiness.

Authors never let fear hold them back for achieving their dreams and their hearts desire… a story well told. And isn’t it wonderful that we don’t?


Thanks for pouring out your heart for us, Mikki.

Hope everyone is starting to get into the Turkey spirit. I know I am. Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm the mystery reader for my daughter class. That should be fun. Tomorrow also marks four years since my step-brother passed. Though his passing was difficult, it left me with a valuable gift- the acute awareness that each day counts. What better birthday gift is there than that?

Thanks for sharing time with me. Until we chat again~ Keep moving forward!


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