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Love comes in many different shapes and sizes. It's the unconditional love of a child or an animal. It's the blissful love found with the right partner. If you're a Christian there's Christ's love or maybe you're spiritual and its a sense that fills you.

However you might define love why not share your story here? How did you meet your spouse? What about your children? Any love story works. It could be with nature or even books. Or even how you define love. Or how you don't define it.

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I'll go first.

I could gush on about my husband and my kids (who doctors said I'd never have). Or I could tell you about an awful blind date I had that taught me about how love DOESN'T act (he was clearly still hung up on her and kept calling her and screaming into her voice mail). We could argue that someone giving you a dutch oven (and I don't mean the kind you cook in) is or isn't love. But we can't do anything until you share your story. So, go ahead. DO IT!

I'm feeling mushy so this is what you get- Love to me is kindness and thoughtfulness

When a stranger helps you load something in your car because its too heavy. When the person in front of you at the drive through window pays for your order. Or even when your spouse is SO frustrated with you, but still manages to give you a squeeze or a kiss. Love is a soft tone of voice when you're angry with your kids and yelling would be SO much easier.  Or when the younger sister hugs her older brother because he's sick and she doesn't want to see him that way. Love is holding my aging dog and paying one billion dollars in meds to improve his quality of life because any day we have with him is worth it. When a stranger pushes a wheelchair bound child through the grass so he can participate in a ‘fun run'. Or going to the food bank and asking what they need and what day is best to bring it instead of taking all your old cans. Love is a tight hug from a good friend.

This list is endless for me.

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3 thoughts on “Share your love story #LoveStory

  1. I met my husband in boot camp. I still had a boyfriend back home and I joined the Navy thinking I would never get married and never have children. I wanted to travel and be free….and then I walked past him and the earth stood still for those 3 seconds. I didn’t know who he was but I was drawn to him. Three days later as we are filing into our class, I am sitting in a chair when I look up to our brother division filing in…and low and behold he is among them. He sat right next to me and the rest as they say is history. We celebrate 20 yrs. next year and while we have had struggles and growing pains there is no one I would rather sit on beach with when I am 65.

  2. I met my husband when I was 9 years old and he was 10. We were in the same 5th-grade class in a private school and he went home the first day and told his mom that he met the girl he was going to marry. We married right after I graduated high school and have been married for almost 39 years. We have 2 children and 2 granddaughters. To me, some of the most important things in a marriage are trust, compromise, and unconditional love. Relationships take work, but the benefits are more than worth it!

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