Hi all,

What? TGHK's and a first kiss?  Yup, that's right.  It's a new chapter for your reading pleasure.

Life has been pretty crazy with my blog tour, kids going back to school, and gearing up to return to my day job. But I did get a chance to do something fun- I wrote a new ‘first chapter' for The Girl He Knows.

Some were interested in what happened before Hank and Paisley had their first night together and, of course, it started with a kiss. A kiss on the beach under the moonlight.

If you're interested in reading it you can do so by going to WATTPAD. Go now, check it out.



If you read it but haven't read the book yet- then you can grab it at any of your favorite digital retailers. A paper version should be available soon. Like soon -soon.

But for now, here are some links to buy:



It was fun writing this new chapter. So much fun that you all can expect to see another one in the near future. Maybe this next one will be epilogue in nature. Lots of ideas. Lots of things to I'd love to share about Paisley and Hank.

In other news: I finished the second book in the No Strings Attached Series. This is Josie and Brinn's story and I have to be honest- these two have lots of S.E.X. Consider this your warning:-)

That's all for now. Lot's for me to do. I have books to read, bathrooms to clean, and clothes to wash. My critique partner just turned in her book for a Beta read and I am very excited to get into it. I have another friend looking for a beta and now I can spend the time with her work, too.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you swing by WATTPAD and read the new chapter. Leave me a comment- I'd love to know what you think.

Until then- Keep Moving Forward!

<3 ~Kristi