The Girl He…Series – do I keep going?


Now that 3 books in the the NO STRINGS ATTACHED series are out the pressing question is…do I keep going?

What do you think?

Paisley's story is THE GIRL HE KNOWS

Josie's story is THE GIRL HE NEEDS

Jayne's story is THE GIRL HE WANTS

I always thought Heather would be next. Single (divorced ) mom of a special needs child. Her story would be rekindling a romance with her first love, the man that broke her heart into a billion little pieces.

But what do you think? Scroll down to vote.




The Girl He…Series – do I keep going?

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Thank you for the vote!

19 thoughts on “The Girl He…Series – do I keep going?

  1. Loved themselves all and I think that Heather sounds wonderful, can’t wait to read it. Thanks again for your wonderful books, Sue

  2. A book about Heather sounds great, but what about The Girl He Feeds (or something like that), a book about Pippa? I have only read the book about Jayne, but I think Pippa is my favorite character! I’ll definitely read the others, too, since I really like all characters.

  3. I am not a fan of contemporary romance but you have got me reading yours. I like the idea of telling Pippa’s story. Helping her to find balance and love. Maybe falling in love with a young widower that has a child.

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