The Journey-Day 1

Here is my first blog post.

Whatever will I say?

So many questions. So many options.

What should this blog be about? Should it be funny? Or serious? I read blogs should have a niche. Hmmmm…..

Here are some popular options:

  1. Stupid crap people say– like irregardless. That's not a word people.
  2. Funny stuff people say– like the Goodreads reviewer who said she was nominating the novel for a noble prize in what the fuckery.  So stinking funny I want to use it in real life at least once a day.
  3. All things writing related- Nothing but writing. Ugh, I don't think I know enough.
  4. How about the lost art of handwriting and how it's effecting our children and their academic success.  I could go on about that FOREVER. #HWtears..Enough said.
  5. Or could it be about my cute kids and all the wonderfully funny things they do and say. Hmmm, I don't see that going far without vomiting all over my blog. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids but to go on an on about being their mom and the things they do makes me want to quit this project RIGHT NOW!

So I think this blog will be about my journey as a wanna be writer. And a little bit about my life because let's be honest, that affects my writing.

My grammar is going to blow. I'll misspell words (no more than Apple's autocorrect) and some of it may not being coherent because as I write this I am trying to convince two kids to GO TO BED, fold the  laundry, and pet my dog. I rarely have five minutes that's uninterrupted which is why I write late at night and early in the morning. On occasion I may use a foul word (see above). I'm married to a sailor. It happens.

But this is my journey…wherever it may lead. It begins with the completion of my first book. A contemporary romance novel I really like- most days.  Some days I think I should throw it in the fire.

My journey begins with deciding where to go now. Do I simply tuck this first book in a drawer and move on? Do I even want to move on or call it quits?

For me writing isn't easy. Getting those ideas out just right can be frustrating.  Some days I feel like Sisyphus.

Most days I think of nothing more than story ideas and characters and therein lies my answer.  Do it again. That's for sure. But this book.  Book numero uno. What am I to do with it? I think I should give it the old college try.  I'll clean it up  and send it out into the wilds of the publishing world.  See what happens.

This is my goal: Pull Book numero uno together by the End of November. It needs to be ready to query by December. Either that or I am spending December compiling a list of people to send it to and off it goes in January…LATEST!

  • Agents First
  • Publishing Houses Next
  • Self Publish Last…Maybe

Ready. Set. Go!

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