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Hi All:-) If you peruse blogs of writers you may have seen authors participating in a “Writer Blog Hop”. I was tagged by my critique partner and friend, Anya Monroe. If you haven't been over to her site- you should get over there once you're done with mine. Just reading her blog will give you warm fuzzies. Here are my answers to the questions and at the end I'll be tagging some other authors (and a good place to start should you be looking for something to read this summer).


What I am working on/writing:

I actually have two active works in progress. Usually, I focus on one at a time but one is a drama and the other a RomCom. It’s hard to work on a drama when you’re in a super good mood and vice versa so I’m going between the two. It’s not my preferred way to do things but I recently completed my edits for my book The Girl He Knows and I’ve been struggling to find my groove again. So I’m just going with the flow.

How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I like to write about every day people who struggle, dream, are afraid to love, crave touch, take chances, and are trying to navigate the curve balls life throws them. I love happily-ever-afters but I don’t need them to end in marriage nor do I believe the storm is behind them.  I simply like the promise of more as two people sincerely make a commitment to each other and to work together through the rough times. All my books have a central theme of love but it’s not limited to the love of a man and a woman but I like to address the love between siblings, friends, and parent and child to name a few (that's where the women's fiction writer in me comes out).

For example my drama is about four friends who discover that one of them has betrayed the others in a life changing way.

Why do I write what I do?

These are the stories that speak to me and the voices that want to be heard. I have two young children and I’d be a hit if I could come up with stories that they would enjoy. But I’ve tried that and it wasn’t pretty. There is a two sides to every story and sometimes the other person’s story is way more interesting. Those are the stories I want to tell.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process is constantly evolving. I wrote my first book by the seat of my pants and it was a hot mess. I don’t know if I would have been able to pull it together if I didn’t have such amazing critique partners. Now I outline and draft and plot like crazy but even then it’s still highlights. I get a vibe for the people in the story, the setting, and my GMC. I do my turning points, draft out a time line, make cards for key threads I want to embed in the novel and I use Scrivener. When I get to the business of writing,  I let the process fill in the blanks. My RomCom is the next in the No Strings Attached Series and I’ve known these characters for a long time now because they show up in The Girl He Knows, yet, just the other day I found out my hero has a black belt in Karate. Who knew!? I also make a playlist of songs that speak to the tone I want the book to have and I listen to it ad nauseam. I sing it in the car, my kids listen to it and know the words (well, the songs that don’t have the little E next to the title), and I have conversations with myself all the time as I work out dialogue (also in the car or while I’m cleaning something). I’m that person in the car next to you whose lips are moving but there’s not a phone in sight.


Thanks for stopping by. Go forth my fellow writers and tell us about your writing process. Tag Kim SmithDesiree Holt, and Erin Fanning

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  1. Thanks for tagging me! Reading your posting made me want to read your book. I can completely relate to what your wrote: “I love happily-ever-afters but I don’t need them to end in marriage nor do I believe the storm is behind them.” Wonderful!

  2. I love this! Being your CP has taught me loads, I am so thankful to have you as we walk on this journey to publication together! xo

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