THE GIRL HE KNOWS is for sale!

TODAY is the DAY!

Today, I'm going to take my kids to the beach to look for Orca's because apparently they are just breaching like crazy for beach goers viewing pleasure.

Today, I'm going to get caught up on some TV and recover from the best writing retreat. EVER. #snapdragonretreat.

Today, a dream I've had for 1 bazillion years is coming true.

I'M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!!!  <—— Unreal statement – right there.  THE GIRL HE KNOWS is for sale. Here's the proof:



And I'll be doing this ALL DAY:-)

Happy endings from Photobucket

(My editor would tell me to remove some of those exclamation points and what's up with the dark haired girl. I think these two are celebrating two different things).

So today I'm doing nothing but being happy and laughing and celebrating.

I really am going to take my kids to look for Orcas.

I'm going to hang out with the lovely ladies at Jersey Girl Book Reviews. Kathleen is super sweet.

Then I'm going to over to Heroes and Heartbreakers for a fun discussion about Men in Uniform – Hot or not?

And I'm only getting started. I'll pop by Romance Junkies for some fun and as if the day can't get any better…Fashion by the Book is putting together a little something for THE GIRL HE KNOWS.



I'm a lucky girl.

And if you're feeling lucky you should come visit me at some of the above sites because there are giveaways happening. Free stuff -people. How do you like that price?

You can find a list of other places hosting me and my giveaway at Jen Halligan's or check out my BLOG TOUR schedule.

So, happy day today and I want to THANK everyone who pre-ordered the book or is getting it now that it's available. I want to THANK everyone who helped me get here. You can read about those amazing people in my acknowledgments and HERE and please, if the spirit moves you – leave an honest review on GOODREADS and AMAZON. Even if you don't like it. Reviews are helpful for new authors.

I'm off to see some Orcas! Thanks you all:-)






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