My brain hurts. Mainly because I've forced myself to do some major revisions on my book -loosely- titled THE GIRL HE NEEDS (But I'm starting to hate that title so please pitch me any ideas if you have some). Also because it's geared to sit down and daydream scenes not deconstruct and reconstruct them. I tend to squirrel a lot when I have to do that.

But I had to switch gears and get my revision/editing brain into gear. Trust me when I tell you it went kicking and screaming into said gear.

The Girl He Needs (help me please- that title is just not going to work)-  is the second book in my No String Attached Series and is the story of Josie and Brinn.

Currently, there is no release date, but, I'll have news on that front soon. Very Soon. Anyway, the story has bugged me for a while. I don't know if other authors experience this ( I think some do) but after I finish a book- I hate it. Can't stand to look at it and want it gone. Mainly because I'm coping with the fact that the story didn't come out as I imagine. Sometimes, in some places, it came out better. In others, not so much. And trying to figure it all out can be overwhelming when you've just typed THE END.

But my gut said- this book needed more work. So I set it aside (by that I mean I sent it to my editor) and went about my business creating other fresh stuff ( Short Stories Bundle) and I went to NYC to attend RWA National conference. That's an entirely different blog. But while there I attended the brilliant Michael Hauge's Storytelling class and had an AH-HA moment. Seriously, writing riches were showered upon me. Angels sang in joy and excitement.  In that moment, I was able to pinpoint exactly what was bothering me about Josie and Brinn's story and knew how to fix it.

So that's what I'm doing. Fixing it. But first I needed to get my brain thinking a different way and since I'm a visual learner- this is where it started (well, it started with a run to Office Depot- man I love that store).

A foldable posterboard and some Ikea paper I bought for the kids to color on-









Then I divided into 3 acts (The folds of the board gave the lines for the ACTS)-







After that I added color coded lines per character. Everyone below the black line is secondary (don't judge me for the waviness of my lines. I had a 5 year old helping me)-









Now for the heavy lifting…I used Michael's outline to get my theme together and make sure I was carrying my threads throughout the book. Essentially, I was cutting the role of a secondary character by 85%. Lots of chapters went into the trash can (or in my case a saved document because I can't throw ANYTHING away).

Chapter by chapter I applied what Michael taught me…








I said goodbye to scenes I LOVED and hello to blank pages that wait for me to fill them with words. When I was done it looked like this. My friend and fellow writing partner-Anya Monroe– said looking at it made her brain explode. My fellow KickAss Chicks indulged me as I showed them EVERY single picture (and there are several more) as I went through this process.

IMG_3607 IMG_3609









Now, the story is coming together is a way that makes me very very very happy. I look forward to sharing it with you. So stayed tuned for my big announcement:-)

Thanks for coming by. If you have any title ideas- mention them in the comments. If I use your title- not only will I give you credit but you'll get a free book (digital and print).

Until we chat again I hope all is well and you Keep Moving Forward~