Valia Lind- Cover Reveal and being good to each other.

One of the best things about get-togethers like #WriterRecharge is witnessing how helpful writers are to other writers. Let's be honest, we all start somewhere. I would not know much about writing if it weren't for the people who wrote helpful writing books, or for my first writers group who taught me the basic, and especially for my current critique group who think of my writing ambitions with equal status as their writing own ambitions and are always helping me move forward.
So when I had the chance to showcase another writer I took it.
May I present Valia Lind and her new book Falling by Design. The ebook release dates is March 12, 2014 but the cover reveal is NOW! And it's a GREAT cover.
Falling by Design is a story about a girl with big dreams and a boy who helps her achieve them.
Falling by Design_ebooklg
 Mark it on GoodReads, go now! 
If you want Valia for a blog tour, head on over her website and just ask. She's very sweet:-) Make sure you stop by and tell her how much you love the cover.
Here are her “digits”
        Valia's blog:
         Valia on Twitter:
          Valia on Youtube:
Congrats Valia! Looking forward to reading it:-)

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