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Trying to turn a passion into a job is one of the scariest endeavors I've attempted. I wish it were as easy as going back to college, completing the course work, and Wham…dream fulfilled. In addition to writing and keeping an  eye on the market, I have been trying to expand my voice. It's been work. Normally, I can get between 1500-3000 words in a few hours. This latest project took up nearly 6 hours of my time to get 2400 words. Getting the characters voice just right was much harder than I thought. But I enjoyed doing it, very much so.

I'm reading a good book called Escaping into the open by Elizabeth Berg. In the book she talks about all the things a writer should have. Things besides a computer and a printer. Things they'll need to get through the lows, when they're wondering why they want to do this and kicking thenselves for telling the world on Facebook that they're trying to be writer.

Here is what she said (alliteration unintended):

1. Purpose- reason for writing.

2.  Plan-goals. Self imposed deadlines

3.  Place

4. Perseverance- this might have something to do with all the rejections:-)

5. Priorities- Sometimes dishes have to wait

6. Playground- From fun some of the best ideas are born.

7. Privacy

8. Proofreaders- Critique group's are helpful. Mine is amazing. A-MAZE-ING!!

9. Playfulness-Make writing fun

10.Persuasiveness- Be prepared to sell your book

11. Prosperity- I read this to mean “day job”

12. Push

13. Payoff- not just the interested agent or publisher but reward yourself when you meet your goals

14. Pride

15. Pens, Pencils, and Paper

16. Patience- in ABUNDANCE

17. Have something to say

18. Say it well

19. Send it out- This is pretty hard for me. Not that any of the others are easier.

When you write and share with others, you put yourself out there. Sometimes I catch myself bashing a book. What a horrible thing to do, even if I don't like the book. It doesn't matter if it's a book about Dinosaur erotica or something that makes you weep for days like John Greene's The Fault in our StarsIt's someone's work and putting it out there took courage. Just sharing with beta readers or a critique group requires courage. I can't imagine an entire nation. So even if I really found no pleasure whatsoever from a book, I plan on respecting what it took for them to get there.

Recently I read a great blog post about critique groups and why some work and some don't. Check it out. It's a good post.

What makes a Good Critique by GL Snodgrass

Kelley Harvey is doing a series about common mistakes writes make. Check out her blog.

Kelley Harvey Writes

My Journey Check in:

So here is what I've accomplished since my last post:

1. Submitted an article to a Magazine and have a second in the hopper.

2. Wrote a short story that went to a dark place. It was a deviation for me but I enjoyed it.

3. Entered Pitch Wars- Tune in to Brenda Drakes blog to see the results on Wednesday, December 11th.

4. Started my new MS

5. Still working on my revision from my first MS- blech- I'm soooo over it. But forward I plod.

Hope this finds you enjoying the day, with the holiday shopping comfortably in hand, and a good book waiting to be read ( or in my case..written).

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11 thoughts on “What it takes

  1. You, my friend, have what it takes! You have all of those Ps (and the few Ss at the end). Your writing is amazing in a I-want-to-hug-this-book-when-I-finish way. You’re going places, sister!

    1. Thanks, but you know how I feel. I am only at this point because of you all. I made those revisions today and like the new stuff -oh, so much better-. So excited to be on this ride with you and the others.

    2. It doesn’t take courage for me to put something out there. It takes resistance to respond to a negative comment. I know that you can’t please everyone so I expect some nasty comments. Shrug it off and move on.

  2. I am in love with your blog and your writing. I am so glad you are persevering…I worried that you may have given it up. Now if only we could get Liz kick-started….

  3. Great Post. You are on the right road. I think your at your destination but it might take you a little while to realize it. While every journey begins with a single step. I also ends with that last step. We just need to take it.


  4. Just took the plunge yesterday. The die has been cast, my name and my work are now out there for all to see. I’m pretty excited about waiting for that first Amazon review. Let’s the chips fall and all that. 🙂

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