Which video is best?

You might think it odd when i tell you that I'm not very creative- visually. My home decor is a mashup of our travels with no definable period  or style to equate it to. My clothes tend to be jeans and t-shirts or leggings with long shirts and boots (when I dress up).

In my mind I'm very stylist. In real life not so much.

This is where you come in. Which video appeals to you the most. Which makes you interested to find out more about the story?

This video is for my upcoming release THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE.

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Video 1:

Video 2:



Which video is best?

Which video do you like best?

Thank you for the vote!

7 thoughts on “Which video is best?

  1. The colors and textures of video 2 complement the music better and creates a rustic, kinda country vibe; goes way better in connecting the viewer with the setting of the book. Definitely a great hook to get the reader already into the mindset of the story. Love your work and thanks for allowing us to be a part of it!

  2. You are definitely going to hate me. I like the second one best. The first one would be better if you didn’t have the background to the words. The second one is still best, I really liked the way the pictures faded in and out, but the words need to be a little bigger…they were just a bit hard to read.

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