As my journey continues I find some things getting easier (writing a query- please note I said easier not better) and I find some things getting harder (I've become more critical of my work).

In my effort to Keep Moving Forward I've made good on my promise to myself to carve out consistent writing time and am making longer, scheduled periods available for me to actually write. I have had to compromise some things, like my daughter spending a few extra hours at daycare. But she loves playing there and I feel productive and am much happier. So everybody wins.

For me another essential part of writing is setting goals. My weekly critique group does it and I cannot stress how valuable it has been. Now I am addicted to setting goals and enjoy the thrill of trying to meet them. Just today my friend, Anya Monroe,  posted about a Writer Recharge (but check out her blog…it's great). Writer recharge is a brilliant idea, a challenge for the month of February to keep all of us writers motivated and prizes are involve (beyond meeting your goal for the month).  Read all about it and sign up at Sara Biren‘s blog.


I love that writers come together to boost each other up. I can't wait to cheer everyone on. Thanks to Sara and the other great minds that came up with this: Katy UppermanAlison MillerLiz Parker, and Elodien Nowodazkij.

So here are my goals for February:

Finish my Query and Synopsis for my new project

Write another 20,000 words on my current project (as of today my word count is 23000)

Revise and Submit a short story that I keep saying I will submit and haven't yet

Hope to see you there:-) Keep Moving Forward!