#WriterRecharge, The Finale


The month is over and so is #WriterRecharge. It was wonderful sharing my experiences with other writers  and comforting to know we all are having similar experiences at some point or another.

I loved seeing how the journey is going for other writers.

I loved meeting other writers.

I loved the kindness and generosity of this community. It gave me a warm fuzzy.

But I especially loved knowing that my struggles are not inclusive to me. Usually I personalize things and think “if I had done it better” or “if I managed my time better”, but I've learned that sometimes things just happen. To all of us.  No matter how well we manage our time or where we are in this process as we try to achieve the goal of publication.

Besides being a writer; I'm a wife, a mom, and a pediatric occupational therapist. Three of those are high needs whether they want to be or not. Sometimes it would be very easy to put off writing because of all the other things that are pressing for my attention. But I did that once and it got me no where. Just a box full of ideas scribbled on paper and notebooks full of scenes and plot plans for a variety of future books.

When I decided to place a priority with my writing, magic happened. I finished a book. I'm on this journey.

But it's hard. Juggling it all.

#WritersRecharge brought me comfort and showed me others are constantly juggling life's demands and prioritizing writing too. It doesn't make me a bad mom that my children have an extra hour or two of child care while I write, because when I am home I can focus on them and not feel as if I'm neglecting myself in the meantime.  It's a constant balancing act and sometimes I am not successful at all. Sometimes, I'm just glad we made it through the week. Sometimes, I rock it like a star.

And that is why I am going to go easy on myself about my goals. This last week, had my schedule been normal, I may have actually achieved my lofty goal of writing 12000 words in the final stretch. But I was only able to get down 2361 words. Life was just too busy this week. Doctors appointments, a vet appointment, a visit from Grandma, and several after work meetings.

My #WriterRecharge summary:

Write 20,000 words. I was 6448 words short of my goal.

Submit my short story- √

Finish my query-√

Finish my synopsis- It's partially done and all of it's outlined so I'm counting it as a win-√

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my achievements. I like this idea of setting monthly goals and will probably continue to do so.  I set weekly ones with my critique group so tying them in together will be easy peasy. Plus, my husband got involved in my word count frenzy and created a great excel spread sheet to help me document better. I'm excited to give it a run and see how it plays out each month.

I hope you all found being a part of #WriterRecharge as much of a wonderful experience as I did. Pop on over here anytime and tell me how you're doing. I'd love to know.

A special thanks to the ladies of #WriterRecharge…YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!

Sara Biren

Liz Parker

Katy Upperman

Alison Miller

Elodien Nowodazkij

Thanks everyone! Keep Moving Forward!!

11 thoughts on “#WriterRecharge, The Finale

  1. Sounds like you had a very productive month! And yes – the writing community is AWESOME. I don’t know what I’d do without my writing buddies.

    Hope March is just as wonderful for you! Thanks for joining in with Writer Recharge!

  2. K- have been along for the ride with your writing/nowriting life for years. Am so proud of the progress you are making. Sometimes it helps to have others rooting for you. Just wanted to say, I AM! I am so behind you and all your efforts. Keep going dear! K

  3. You did great, Kristi. Balancing life is not easy, and the fact you made most of your goals is awesome. I think the hardest part of goal-setting is being both challenging and realistic. You want your goals to push you to accomplish something you might not otherwise do, but you don’t want them to be so out-of-reach that you’re doomed before you begin. Maybe your word-count goal was a little high, given everything else you hoped to achieve? I think you did really well with what you did, so consider it a win! 🙂

    1. Funny enough Colin, I said the same thing about my goals. Perhaps I was attempting to reach to far. That prompted my husband to make me a spreadsheet which will help me track what I do on average and I can try to build it up from. Then I won’t be so hard on myself (ideally). Have a great great march!

  4. “#WritersRecharge brought me comfort and showed me others are constantly juggling life’s demands and prioritizing writing too.” <— Yes a thousand times to this. It's always nice to feel less crazy, and these sorts of writing "events" always do that for me. I love the team morale and the constant support. So awesome.

    Congrats on all you achieved in February, Kristi! I'm looking forward to checking back to see how everything pans out. Hope you have a wonderful March!

  5. Wow – way to go – you did really well on your goals, even if you fell a bit short of your word count goal. I’m so glad that you found this challenge useful! And yes, always, keep moving forward. No matter what. So happy to have connected with you here!

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